"a very well made, entertaining tale of an isolated young man who seeks power and validation through guns... I appreciated that guns are neither demonized nor glorified... excellent performances... plausible, convincing and scary... ”

(Amazon.com buyer review)


Everything Dillon McCarthy knows about guns comes from watching movies, so he is naively unprepared when taking a job at BILL’S GUN SHOP immerses him into the very real world of gun culture. In his experience, the gun makes the man, adding mystery, danger, and sex appeal. He expects the world to respect and admire his new self-image, but that isn’t quite working out the way he thought it would. Frustrated, he convinces Rick, a family friend and mentor, to allow Dillon to ride backup on his latest bounty hunting job.Their mission: track down and capture two dangerous convicts on the run. One mistake, and the mission becomes murderous, and Dillon finds himself holding the evidence.

Suddenly guns turn ugly. Before Dillon can dispose of the smoking gun, he faces a new showdown. There’s no backup, no hero to the rescue, just Dillon and the tainted lump of cold steel under his jacket, as his eyes lock with those of the neighborhood gang who’s been plaguing him for weeks...